Karen Walker Resort Collection

At Easter-time this year I was asked to paint on an ostrich egg for The Department Store in Auckland. My egg then partially inspired Karen Walker in her Resort range, which is in stores now! You can see the outcome below.

This from Karen:

“Our resort 2013 collection  is inspired by weather. At the same time as we were working on designing the collection we commissioned Henrietta  to paint an Easter egg as part of  The Department Store’s Easter  celebrations. We loved the egg and bought it for our own collection as soon as we saw it.   Soon after purchasing it we were looking for a graphic approach to  interpreting weather isobars and looked to Henrietta’s egg  for a starting point for this. Our team then took scientific isobars, Henrietta’s egg and our own style and came up with this season’s resort graphic.”

Karen Walker Egg

Karen Walker

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