Visible Light #4

Visible Light #4

Visible Light Series #4

29.7 x 41.3″

Watercolor and Gold-leaf on Paper




I’m off to Miami tomorrow for THE HUM at Robert Fontaine Gallery. I’ve been working on this show on and off for about a year, a year of not many ups and a whoooooole lot of downs. Some artists feel like they create their best work in the dark times; I am not one. I like to think I did ok though.

I’d like to thank Robert for his support and for giving me this opportunity, the work is bigger and better than ever and that’s thanks to him.

I’d also like to thank all my muses- Chelsea, Stephen, Fran, Alex, Kerry, Sam, Keva, and Veronica. Huge thanks also to James for his brilliant photography and driving me around skills. Thanks to Adele, Casey and Chelsea for listening to my neuroses and being voices of reason.

And mostly I’d like to thank my family, especially my Mum. This show is dedicated to the memory of my beloved Grandfather, John Court, 1924 – 2015.

Sweet Face

Sweet Face
Watercolour on Paper
13 x 18″

One of my favourites for THE HUM, May 4-17, Robert Fontaine Gallery.

Sweet Face

The Hum

The Hum II

Sam Smith

I did a portrait of Sam Smith, a gift from Universal Music to Sam during his time in NZ!

Sam Smith

Quiet sketch

I did this little warm-up the other day and I really like it. Not long until my solo show! 




Henrietta Harris
The Hum
Exhibition: May 4th – May 17th
Opening Night: May 9th 5pm – 9pm 2015

The Hum is Henrietta Harris’ first solo exhibition at Robert Fontaine Gallery. This new body of work is an exploration of portraiture. The Artist’s use of watercolor and its fluidity; dislocating and redefining our perception of a portrait’s meaning, and placement as human reflection.

Harris’s work is enigmatic and introspective, isolating heavy-lidded subjects lost in thought. Her paintings are often described as ‘deconstructed portraiture,’ and draw focus on the hesitant figures she paints with deliberate glitches in their form. Harris’s new work highlights less the individual, and instead the forms a person inhabits metaphorically. Her paintings are wet, and alive..and reside in a non-place as if momentarily transfigured to a borderless landscape wherein the subjects seem large and small, disputing both time and space.

Henrietta Harris exhibits internationally and resides in Auckland, New Zealand.



One for an upcoming group show in Tokyo in May- more on this soon!





I painted some watercolour flowers for the new LIAM collection, ‘THE SPACE BETWEEN’. Shop the collection here! That amazing set installation is by Jaimee Stockman-Young.



Pencil on moleskine sketchbook, 2015.

Chelsea Jade Again

Chelsea Jade Again

(A belated) Happy New Year! Lots happening this year already… Watch this space.

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