Mist Study

Mist Study

Playing around with new ideas- Mist study, Watercolour on Paper, 255 x 370mm, 2015.


  1. Es

    Hey, I love your work! I was wondering how you make the hair so beautiful and detaild with watercolor? I like to learn from you.

  2. An outstanding drawing was featured in an article named; “Can Technology Extend our Empathy?” It has been difficult to find it standing alone in your website and in your Facebook page. I wish I could have been able to cherish your work properly. Very nice indeed. You are a wonderful Artist!

  3. Tayla

    Hi, was just wondering if you would be able to discuss your influences for this artwork :) I have chosen you as an artist model and am currently studying your work, this mist study in particular, any insight would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank youuu :)

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