1. PhillBlanks

    This is dope as hell! The style is so sick.

  2. Ams Feredo

    Is this Kko Mizuhara?

  3. Eduardo

    WOW, that looks like a representation of a glitch in the time-space continuum. Seen by an external entity of sorts.

    Total dope, KUDOS.

  4. Kayla

    It does look like Kiko!! Your art is gorgeous!!

  5. Josie

    Hi!! I was just wondering, what size is this piece? And if you know, what is the size of your piece ‘Flee’?

  6. ella

    This is such an amazing piece art, it truly sticks its out from the rest and is my favourite. I’m painting it for my GCSE’s and was wondering what the canvas size was?

  7. ella

    Also what media is is painted in?

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